Women education matters

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Usama Bin Rafiq
The contribution of women in every area is very significant, and this can be made possible only to educate women.Getting education as women in our community is very hard especially in remote areas. The patriarchal system there is the biggest distraction, where parents are not sending their daughters because of the cultural norm. That is our collective responsibility to encourage the parents to send their daughters to schools and colleges. According to UNICEF, of the 8.6 million girls enrolled at the primary level, only 2.8 million continue to secondary education. The remaining 5.8 million girls did not resume their education due to various domestic problems. Many girls are compelled by their parents against their utmost desire. Another main reason for their dropout from schools due to marriage.Getting women’s education is the basic right of every girl given by the Constitution of Pakistan article thirty-seven. Pakistan ranks 153 out of 156 in Global Gender Gap report, 53.60% of women are deprived of education, training and employment compared to only 7.4% of men. We should take this as a wake-up call and should take critical steps for women education in our country.We know that education has been the basic need of development of human society. Educated women help end domestic violence and encourage them to make decisions with more freedom and clarity. Government should support the cause to ease education for women and start some programs and training centres to motivate girls to get their education.


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