Gas crisis in winter


Altaf Adam
The seasonal issue of gas crisis is once again confronting citizens of Balochistan. Every winter season, there is low pressure in gas supplying across the province. In most populous cities of Balochistan are adversely hit by low pressure of gas, especially in Queeta, Kalat, Pishin, Sibi and many more areas of Balochistan. However, in these areas gas pressure is equal to be absence within these harsh cold days. The harsh winter is pushing civilians life into compulsion to buy firewood and heat-up them from unpleasant cool weather in the cities. According to a report in Quetta, “The suppliers are decreasing gas pressure without any reason”. Further added that this is not the first winter that gas pressure is very low. Rather in every winter, the issue of gas crisis occurs in every year. But the issue remains unsolved so far. Finally, the government of Balochistan and districts authorities must ensure the acts against continuity decreasing gas pressure in the districts