Vaccination drive against Measles and Rubella viruses


Noor Khan Bakhrani Tangwani
Every one should always take proper care of his health because it is a great wealth, gift and a blessing from God. Sound health and joyful moments always make our Life Eden. But life becomes dull and miserable if someone catches a major chronic illness. Viruses like Hepatitis-B, AIDS, Corona, Measles and Rubella are also contagious, epidemic and pandemic. These viruses silently emerge and rapidly spread over a certain area if ignored at early stage. The recent vaccination drive against Measles and Rubella viruses is in progress through out the Sindh province. Special health teams have been assigned task to administer vaccination dose to protect the children of age in between 9 months to 15 years. Health department govt of Sindh has taken a great initiative this time. Every time these viruses play havoc to innocent and precious lives. These viruses seemed to be fatal if vaccination is not done properly on time. The world is already fighting a must win battle against pandemic COVID-19 virus which claimed the precious lives of millions of people all around the world. Corona virus not only took precious lives of people but also badly affected the world economy and import and export. Likewise Measles and Rubella viruses are big threat to children. Every year hundreds of infants belonging to the poor families lose their lives due to poverty and negligence of health department. In this on-going vaccination drive health and education department teams are jointly working side to side to make the door to door vaccination campaign of Measles and Rubella viruses successful. No doubt it is the need of the hour that on-going drive must be treated as national cause. Being a responsible Pakistani citizen I would like to request and advise the parents and civil society to extend their fulliest co-operation and assistance with the health teams deputed by Sindh govt so that the current on-going vaccination campaign against Measles and Rubella viruses be successful and precious lives may be protected from dangerous viral diseases