The higher price of sugar

Sayad Dilmurad
Sugar prices, officially fixed at Rs90, have been surging across the country almost daily. Media reports say the cost of sugar has spiked by over 50pc in the last fortnight; the sweetener is now being sold for up to Rs170 a kilo in most cities. This belies official claims that we have enough reserves to meet the demand for the next three weeks. So what is happening? To begin with, the government has made a mess of the sugar trade. Its selective use of the district administration, police, and anti-corruption agencies against producers and dealers for the last two years hasn’t worked. Instead, we have seen sugar prices rise swiftly and consistently. However, the sugar rate is one of the bulkiest problems in Pakistan. It is the foundation and basic problem, till 2003 to today is 2021, still, it is present. we know that sugar is an important need for this time. Moreover, due to it, Pakistan’s nation is most worried about it. At last, it is a request to the government to Pakistan it is created a big problem in the nation so please solve is it very soon.

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