Never give up


Waseem Ahmed
“Students! next week, your med term exams are going to be held, so be ready,” said madam. Listening these words, everyone started preparing for the exams. We, the 10th class, did our best to revise our previous chapters in a better way. Among us was a hard working girl, Muneeza. Who was extremely serious about her studies. Seeing her, one could say that she is really a perfect student. She put more efforts than anyone of we did. Even these were our mid term exams but still she was serious.The exam days arrived, we took our exams. After three weeks, our results were announced. Muneeza got 3rd position in the class. Even she was a position holder yet her expression was too sad. She was sad because she did not get what she deserved. She deserved 1st position but she did not achieve that. She was sad, sitting on her desk and seeing her marks again and again.Noticing this, I went nearer to her and said,” Congratulations Muneeza! You did it han.” But, she was still in profound greif. ” Why are you sad, dear? You are a position holder, just chill and enjoy.” Showing her result to me, she said,” See my marks and percentage”. She had 84%. ” I thought that I would achieve more than 85%, but……..” I said while encouraging her,” Muneeza, I know you deserve more than this. But it is life, it happens. You should put more efforts next time. You will achieve a better percentage Insha’Allah.” Now, she had a little smile on her face. ” Will do my best next time,” she said.Time passed. After six months, there were our preliminary exams. This time, everyone had worked much hard, Muneeza too. “This time, I need a good result from you all,” said our teacher. We took our exams in the best way possible. Finally, the result day arrived. Everyone was curious about thier result, but Muneeza was the most curious. Results, were announced. This time Muneeza got 1st position. This time, she was really happy. She passed the exams with flying colors. I was also happy because she proved and did what she had said six months before. I Congratulated her. I was more surprised when I saw her percentage. This time, she had got more than 94%. 10% more than her previous result. I was really surprised that how can someone be so devoted and consistent for his or her education. Even she failed but she did not give up. She is an unforgettable example for me. I always tried to learn from her. There are many students who give up after failing to achieve something. Giving up is not the solution rather one should learn to compete with the situations and hard times. Muneeza might have not achieved such a great percentage if she had given up. But, she stood and faced the e hard times. We should learn to be consistent not only in education but in each and every walk of life.