Niazi conspires against Pakistan and says country is developing: Sadiq Hayat


Saudia: Chairman Shabab Kashmir Welfare Trust Saudi Arabia Qari Muhammad Sadiq Hayat Turabi said that Niazi has given the right of appeal to Clubbhushan and reminded him of his uncle who showed his time by surrendering in front of General Rohra in 1971. He also proved that he is Niazi. Noahwan is martyred daily in occupied Kashmir. Sisters are disrespected. Elders are abused. Here Niazi is proving his right to appeal to Clubbhushan. He has gone ahead of us. We just hear from Niazi that I will not give up. I will not give NRO but I gave NRO to Kulbhushan. It is still time to save Pakistan from that ,He said that even in Azad Kashmir, there is a change of government but only to the extent of name. He has conspired against the country of Pakistan and martyred innocent people and damaged property. Giving him the right to appeal today is an injustice to those Pakistanis who have lost their lives in AES. There is injustice with the boys and girls who were brutally martyred.