Needs Local Transports


Sadam Hussain Solangi
The poor travel the most in search of livelihood. If, public transport is available, the poor majority will be seen traveling on it. In overcrowded countries, underground local railways are provided. Neighbouring country and our eternal enemy India have also built a very comfortable underground railway in Delhi with the help of Japan. In the absence of public transport local trains and buses, the poor youth of the growing population were forced to resort to motorbikes to reach their place of work, office, factory. Then the industry continued to grow. It became easier for the poor to get it in installments. In 2017 21506641 and in 2018 23588268 motorcycles remained in use in Pakistan. Estimate around two and a half crores. 2 million motorcycles are being manufactured every year. An estimated 7,500 more motorcycles hit the road each day. The proportion of motorcycles in the registered vehicles is 74%. Growing population. Confused traffic. Shrinking roads. If there were public buses, the traffic would not be so tangled. Roads are not safe. There is no separate section on the road for motorcycles. If so, motorcyclists are not bound by it. That is why 5038 motorcyclists were killed in 2018. 82000 Wounded. In 2019, 5014 people died and 84000 were injured. There are no statistics on how many have lost limbs for life. On the one hand, the dangers for motorcyclists are 20 times greater. Motorcycle riding, on the other hand, is the cheapest. Available in installments. What’s more, this ride gives you a sense of complete freedom. Creates a fresh vibe. Encourages adventure. She works with courage. We have seen our compatriots’ riding motorcycles on national highways with great enthusiasm from one city to another. This is the case in remote areas of Baluchistan as well as in densely populated areas of Punjab. The roads between the deserts of Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are also refreshing. This ride is for 2 only. For men and girlfriends in the West. For our spouses. But poverty and hardship force the whole family to move on. At weddings, the whole family sits on the sun. According to the survey, motorcycle accidents and most deaths occurred between 4 am to 10 am and 3 pm to 6 pm. Occurs during the evening. This is the time when workers in our cities move from home to factory and from factory to home. When the bridesmaids to their honeymoon. Mothers send their daughters to work. Then in the evening the eyes are opened for them from the threshold. . Recognize your strengths. Your MNA. Meet the MPA. Put pressure on them to raise their voice in Parliament for the empowerment of local bodies. Urge the rulers to return public transport buses.