Decline in Covid19 cases

Altaf Adam
There has been seen a decline in covid positivity rate across the country. It is showing the positive acts of authorities as well public in the battle against covid19. In few weeks, the regular positivity rate became fewer than 1.35 in infections and 20 than fatalities in the country. Similarly, the number of active cases are also dropping down because of high rate of recovery of patients. According to a data shared by National command and operating center (NCOC), “43,500 tests have been conducting since last month out of which less than 600 people are coming positive”. Moreover, the reducing of positive cases showing that the country fighting hardly against the pandamic since pandamic raised-up. And it has been succeeded in the war of covid in its all waves. As the total counted numbers of infected people since the out-break of the pandamic reached 1,269,739 while the number of casualities has rised in to 28,377 so far. Due to which Pakistan has ranked at the 33th country that got controled the high infection from the pandamic. Furthermore, the non governmental organization showed their positive attitude towards government and accompanied in vaccination process and vaccinated them against pandamic that showed a successive result in the war.Ultimately, the all individuals must ensure the vaccination process and get vaccinated fully. When all of us get fully vaccinated, it will be sure that we would get success in root-out of pandamic from the country. If we do ignore then it can be further a burden on their life. So all must pay honesty in vaccination and regulation of the pandamic.

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