Balochi must seize their rights!

Maheen Ali Baloch
It is crystal that that no equality has been shown for Baloch. Our nation is Fighting for its rights and for pair dealings but none of powerful consequences have appeared yet. The deep struggle of patriotism is rapidly being revealed. More importantly, we are loosing the love and peace of diver. Commonly patriotism which means devotion and being faithful to one’s country, makes the people of a country to have the same aim. It’s clear about patriotism that the non-patriotism is all apposite to and non patriotism is made every Baloch to had the same aim. By these actions which are done by others compel them to quit their education and peaceful life. We can have a clear glance that this aim of their life is taking them backward. Furthermore, Baloch are loosing their own aims and made freedom as their aim of life. Moreover, it made themselves to be a patriot for the nation. it has been going on from a huge period of time ago. The Baloch must show their patriotism and power to take their revenge and seize their rights. Because, rights can’t be given, we must take them. We must not forget that who is doing this, these will show it like injustice actions but just it will be seen as like an accident and same other a suddenly happened case, but it is a systematic genocide which is going on by our enemies long ago for our nation. It’s better not to desire for Justice but to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other to carry our sologen. As early as we stand and rise our voice as early and as soon as our nation will come to us. As we are looking our youth and powerful women the best names can be mentioned are like, Banuk Karima Baloch, our legendary character Comrade Dr. Mahrang Baloch, who are the real inspirations for upcoming generation with a Lightning and shining bright Balochistan. Because if now they are protesting and having such a confidence so everyone must deem that we will win.

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