Kashmir Conflict Objectives to Achieve


Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum
The Kashmir issue is so complex and complicated that its fabric is intertwined with the politics of South Asia and the West. Some sincere friends think that this dispute is only with India while its tensions have become very long and tangled. Are different Every Pakistani ruler has a painful position on the Kashmir issue, but there are some unseen and complex compulsions that leave him helpless. Kashmiris have proved by making immense sacrifices for independence that they put all the offers made to India on the tip of their shoes and will never give up their right to self-determination. With regard to Kashmir, many organizations and dignitaries from all over the world are struggling collectively and individually, as is Madame Claire Bidwell (UK) and hundreds of others in the UK and other countries Recognizing the importance of this issue, INSPAD has made strenuous efforts to bring influential and dynamic personalities from all over the world to the forefront of all conflicts, especially in Kashmir and Palestine. It is time to further highlight and convince India that only a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue can lead to peace and development in the region, otherwise there is no other way to save the two countries from nuclear war and horrific catastrophe. Pakistan should send representatives abroad who are well versed in the Kashmir issue and meet the policy makers and elected representatives there instead of their compatriots and be aware of the sensitivities and dangers of this conflict so that Kashmiris can get relief and Increased pressure on India to abide by UN resolutions and give Kashmiris the right to self determination. It should not be too late and India should spoil the proportion of the population and spoil the matter through RSS and Hindutva terrorists instead of Kashmiris. INSPAD has set up a Conflict Zone Core Committee headed by Mr. Salman Khan (South Africa) and Vice Chairman Col. (retd) Mabhat Ali (Azad Kashmir) with 6 members, They should look into all these matters And formulate a comprehensive policy by contacting activists.We are very much hopeful that one day world powers realise the gravity of kashmir conflict and they offer to solve it, and this time is not too far but we must have concrete and solid efforts and goal to achieve with cooperation and prosperity.