27 October to be observed as Black Day by KGC and followers



Washington: Kashmir global council is asking the people of Jammu & Kashmir to observe 27 october as a black day to mark the events of 1947 then indian armed forces arrived in Jammu & Kashmir and militarily occupied the land . Calling for shutdown on this day, KGC president , Farooq Siddiqi, stated that Jammu & Kashmir continues to be the most militarized region and that peace in the region will not be achieved till the day there is full and unconditional withrawal of the militaries of India and Pakistan . Farooq siddiqi also criticized the move by Indian government to celebrate 26th october as Accession Day stating that Indian governments illegal move on 5th August 2019 to revoke Jammu & Kashmir’s semi-autonomous status made the so-called Accession null and void. KGC will write a letter to UN Secretary General reminding him of UN Security Council Resolution 210 which requests the Secretary General to exert every possible effort to strenthen the UN Military Observer group in India and Pakistan which is stattioned on both sides of the ceasfire line dividing Jammu and Kashmir .