Awareness campaigns regarding Breast Cancer could help in understanding issue: Speakers



BAGH,   (Parliament Times) : MTBC organizes Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar for students and local community. Addressing the seminar, MTBC women explained to the audience about the general risk factors of breast cancer, prevention, and guidelines for self-assessment to identify any abnormality at an early stage. They dismantled all myths and overcame taboos concerning Breast Cancer and gave the entire spectrum of the topic on basis of factual accuracy. The awareness campaigns on large scale will help us to create a buzz in society so that more people can talk about this crucial issue without any hesitation, the speakers added.

A Question & Answer session was held at the end of seminar which further dismantled certain myths the students held about Breast Cancer and addressed any other personal queries that they had. Participants including the local community appreciated the efforts made by MTBC for creating awareness in the students and general public about this fatal disease.