Education adorns character of human being: Prof Zeeshan


Islamabad,(Special Correspondent) : According to Global Times Media Report, Renowned political and social figure Prof.Dr.Zeeshan Najam Khan was of the view that education is one of the basic needs of every human being whether rich or poor, male or female. Education is a basic human right which no one can take away from them.If we look at the difference between human and animal is only the education.Education is the guarantor of progress for any nation or society.This education is the cause of development and decline of nations.He said that getting education means not only getting a degree from school,college, university but also learning distinction and civilization so that one can take care of one’s social traditions and society.Leading political and social personality Prof.Dr.Zeeshan Najam Khan said in a press statement with International Global Times Media Europe, that the development of the country and the nation is possible only due to education.The young generation is suffering from deprivation of education.Education is that adornaments which adorns the character of a man.Important steps are needed to improve education,So that Pakistan can move forward in the field of education.