University of Sargodha celebrates Shan e Rehmat Ul Lil Alameen week



Sargodha :   In connection with the celeberation of Shan-e-Rehmat ul-Lil-Alameen (PBUH) week, Riaz Shad Co-curricular Forum organized Mehfil-e-Milad and Ulema-e-Mashaikh Conference here on Thursday to show esteemed reverence and express love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Prof. Dr. Saleem Mazhar, Vice-Chancellor Sargodha University was the chief guest and other eminent ulemas and Departments Heads including Peer Mushtaq Ahmed Principal Darul Uloom Muhammadiyah Ghosia, Dr. Ghulam Abbass Gondal Dean Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Dr. Khalid Nadeem Head of Urdu Department, Dr. Mufti Muhammad Haroon also participated in the Mehfil-e-Milad and Ulema-e-Mashaikh Conference.

During the conference, the religious scholars shed light on the glory and the contributions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) for bringing peace and humanity. They urged Muslims to follow the golden principles provided by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as guidance in every sphere of life.

While addressing the conference, Prof. Dr. Saleem Mazhar, Vice-Chancellor Sargodha University declared the love for Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the greatest and success can only be attained by following USWA-E HASNA. Moreover, he congratulated the whole team on completing the one-week event which was started from October 8 and remained continue till date.”

Besides the above-mentioned events, the University of Sargodha celebrated Shan-e-Rehmat ul-Lil-Alameen (PBUH) throughout the week with great religious zeal and fervour by organizing various events such as Naatia Mushaira, Calligraphy Exhibition, Exhibition of books Islamiaat (2 days), Qirat, Naat & Speech Contest.

Numerous Students participated in the Inter-Departmental Qirat, Naat, and Speech contest. In the Naat competition, Saifullah Naqshbandi of the Food Science Department got the first position, Muhammad Fasih Ullah shah from the Economics department took second place, and Nabi Baksh and Hafiz Muhammad Asif Raza secured the third position. While in Qirat Competition, Javed Iqbal (from College of Pharmacy) won the first position, Muhammad Hayat (from Urdu) stood in the Second rank, Fatima Farooq (from the Food science department) bagged the third position. The competition was also broadcasted live on Campus Radio FM 98.2.

Similarly, the calligraphy exhibition displayed the masterpieces of young calligraphers at the Zubeida Agha Art Gallery. In this competition, students of the Institute of Art and Design Minahil Javaid and Husnain got first and second positions respectively, while Fahad-ul-Rehman from the CS & IT department secured the third position.

Moreover, the two-day exhibition of books on Islamiaat was also held at the Wazir Agha Art Gallery, in which thousands of books on Islamic studies and the life of the Holy Prophet were displayed. These events were organized on instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Government of Punjab and the Punjab Higher Education Department.