Deprived of Fundamental Rights

Fawad Hussain Samo
After advertising for the posts of pst and JST in the education and literacy department of Sindh for recruiting the teachers for Pst and JST. Approximately five lakh candidates filled their forms for Pst and JST posts in the education and literacy department government of Sindh . The candidates for the post of JEST are 178387 and the candidates for the post of PST are going to appear. 206831 of P.S.T candidates appeared in the test held in different cities of the Sindh province. Out of which two lakh aspirants’ forms were rejected due to minor shortcomings and documentations. Now two lakh candidates’, money to be returned when they couldn’t appear in the test and the huge amount was paid by the unemployed and poor candidates,were deprived of appearing in the test of pst and JST . They just applied to know that their forms were rejected because of minor documentations. which could be submitted after appearing in the tests. That was not new IBA had done in the past as well with the candidates, their due to unimportant things they had been deprived of appearing in tests.whereas it is in the law that if someone’s any document is not available the candidate was allowed to appear if the candidate qualified then the candidates is required to fulfill the remaining formalities after written test conducted.Who is beneficiary of the huge amount paid by the unemployed candidates? The candidates who had already encountered unemployment and poverty. IBA earns a great deal of money,by installing mobile caring installs, where per candidate fifty or hundred rupees were charged, when it conducts tests in the Sindh for any job posts announced by the Sindh government. It is unfair with the candidates coming from remote places, towns and cities. There were not only male candidates but female candidates who take mobile phones to be in contact with their parents for updating their safe and secure position. It must be the responsibility of the IBA Institute to engage the staff to care for the candidates’ mobile phones free of charge. It is unfortunate to know that a huge amount of money was collected in the name of a mobile submitting care centre out of the test centre. Candidates whose forms were rejected were deprived of trying their luck and availing the opportunity. It is their fundamental right to appear in the test for which they submitted fees and put in a lot of effort to get a chance for their employment.


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