China an emerging super power

Khair Muhammad
History witnessed, a country had been awarded with victories in the globe from decades if it played wisely and safely. China the second largest country in the world has been talking each step tactfully. It seems that world will face a revolutionary road once again in future. Now that day is not far when a new sovereign state will dominant the world and that would be china seemingly. America has lost all meaning of ruling since consecutive governments after Barak Obama. The confrontation of back to back defeats has made the powerful and commanding country, a crawling snack. After the recent Afghan tragedy, one can estimate that America is no longer remain dominant as it spent enormous 20 years of destruction in the Afghanistan. Governing the authorities is not a child play. China is going to become a large economy of the world. In Australia, it has become second largest foreign land owner with 2.3 percent of investment. In this regard, Australia is trying to throw out itself from trouble. Being a part of AUKUS a trilateral military alliance, it has demonstrated it’s complicated circumstances. But as china has spent more on defense, the trio is unable to make the conditions favourable. The war of words has began already among the concerned countries. Along these lines, experts has warned opposition states from staying out of china. If the rhetorics flattered in military war, the three countries may suffered for decades. XI Jing has already cleared in July 2021 that Chinese people will never allow any foreigner to bully us. Anyone who tries to do this, will face a head bashed bloody into a huge wall of Steel. This could be major threat for bulldozer countries and the world as well. China is busy in making new weapons and nuclear arsenal which includes the most powerful armaments which are enough to destroy a well built area. It seems that Australia is nothing but a punching bag for china. Apart from that, when it comes sino Indian issues, china remains dominant for the purpose of Kashmir. Once Indian military had left no stone unturned to bring china under it’s ruling by forgetting that it’s not a child play. It happened which was earlier fear. China has taught a lesson to Indian military and entered in their territory. However, Pakistan bears good relations with china as both has signed the CPEC proposal for bright future. So, Keeping in view the so many events lying in favor of china. The current scenario is directing towards the strongest leadership of china. Now that day is not far when it happened.

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