TEACHERS: The Builders of Nations

‘Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions”
Iqra Rasheed Sial;
October 5 is globally celebrated as World Teachers’ Day to thank all teachers for all that they do for their students. We all know that there is no contention about the positive contributions of teachers to human capital development globally. Teachers turnout engineers, filmmakers, writers, astronauts, architects, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs and among others. It means without teachers, the world would not have great leaders and heroes who make our planet a better place for all they are builders of nations. Teachers do not merely teach you science, mathematics and other subjects; they also have a far-reaching impact on students’ personalities.
In this world, there are a number of brilliant personalities who all owe their knowledge and balanced upbringings to their teachers. We have to give respect to teachers who work so hard to make us good person by imparting education to us along with building our personalities and shaping our future.
I am fortunate enough to have good teachers who changed my lifestyle and showed me the right way leading to my destination. Good teachers are also the best friends of their students who assist them deciding the proper way in their life.
I thank all of my teachers for supporting me in each step of my educational life. I thank those teachers who always motivated me. I thank for their time, Patience, encouraging and inspiring me to learn. And here I would like to request everyone who has or has had a super teacher in their life to thank their teachers for the priceless contributions they make, to exhibit them the gratitude they deserve and to learn from them the wise lessons of peace and tolerance they can train us which would make our society a much better place to live in.
Thank you Teachers and a very happy Teacher’s Day!