IBA Test & Mistakes


Fawad Hussain Samo
Investigation is needed that who prepared test papers of PST and J.E.S.T for recruiting the teachers in Sindh education and literacy department Why ,before conducting the tests, the test papers were not checked? And intense negligence was shown even when the wrong key was uploaded even after conducting the test. The test papers were yet paid no heed whether all papers were typed correctly and proofreading was not given. It is a massive negligence evinced by IBA which has earned a big name in quality education. Due to negligence of IBA youth of Sindh faced severe criticisms all over the country. Fingers were raised on the ability and education of our youth in electronics and print media. However it is our youth who detected mistakes made in P.S.T papers taken on 13-9-2021. It is a matter of great importance that it must be investigated properly and thoroughly to prevent such a non serious attitude towards future education of Sindh . Providing quality education and claiming the ability of conducting tests shown by IBA is now obvious to everyone that IBA has become the institute of earning money only. The Sindh government is requested to take this matter into consideration and ensure fair and quality tests be conducted in near future for the better and promising future of the people of Sindh .