Inflation in Turbat city


Jamal Rahim
Turbat is one of the populated cities in Balochistan where everything is expensive. A cup of tea costs 40 rupees, a single plate of rice costs 130 rupees in the main bazaar of Turbat. There is a restaurant namely Gull Makran in Turbat where yesterday I ate two single bread with a plate of potatoes after eating when I asked the counter how much was my accountancy he told me that my accountancy was 340. However, I listened to the counter suddenly I got a headache because the one plate potato rate is too high. What people feel to buy sugar and how the poor public can buy those things which are needed for living a life. Absolutely due to the inflation, in Turbat committing suicide is increasing day by day. The poor public is compelled to commit suicide and those who are students, are compelled to leave their studies whether someone is a farmer in this city as they are compelled to stop working because of inflation. Furthermore, in Turbat, there is no law to control this issue. Finally, the government of Balochistan is requested to take action against the inflation of Turbat city as soon as possible.