Thousand of people tie Turban on heads But, the deserving are lesser in number


Naseebullah Khan
Culture is an umbrella term that encompasses the social behavior and norms found in human societies, as well as the knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, customs, capabilities, and habits of the individuals in these groups.Edward Taylor,1861, primitive culture On September 23, the Pashtoon cultural day is observed, where the majority of young and old tie the traditional Pashtoon Turban. Programs are held and Social media with special reference to Facebook which beams with colourful Turbans.Traditional attire is one of the basics of cultures and Turban is one of them. But, the questions are, have we as a Pashtoon nation, endeavoured the other features of our culture? We speak the Pashto language, we dress in Shalarqameez, we tie Turban___have we ever peeked into our collars that what we have paid and what are our contributions for the preservation of our Culture.Our norms have never supported violence, but we do. A Pashtoon culture always supports women’s education and their share in inheritance, but we are reluctant to do so. A Pashtoon culture doesn’t mean digging wells for brothers, stopping women from jobs, treachery, and lust; but we do. Abiding by the code of Pashtuns (Pashtonwali) is rampant in our society but we are happy tyinga borrowed Turban for an hour in a year. We kill each other in graveyards, in bazaars, in a Jirga (peace council), and even the stains of our blood can be seen in Mosques. We have been displaced and migrated. How shameful is that the women face the brunt of our brutalities when time and again they havegiven birthon roads. A generation brought up in migrant camps. Are we not responsible for these? Does the Pashtoon culture allow this?Never before in history had there been such a need of abiding by Pashtunwali with true spirit as today is. Hypocrisy may not work. There is a dire need for equity, equality, tolerance, cooperation, understanding, peace, religious tolerance, promotion of education, safeguard of human rights with special reference to women’s rights in a Pashtoon society. Addressing socio-economic and political issues is a must. And they can be through acquiescing with the Pashtoon code of life (Pashtonwali) when we internalize these ourselves. The ceremonial Pashtoon culture day (23rd September) may be an occasion for some hours of refreshment as the reality is somewhere else. The real service for the Pashtoon culture is when we stick to the Pashtonwali and promote peace, tolerance, equality, and cooperation through non-violence and political means.