Press Club Journalists organize reception for Awami press club Malir

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Malir, (Our Correspondent):  Delegation of Advocates visited Awami Press Club Malir led by Sajid Ali Mangi where press club journalists gave them reception.

Press Club president Saami Memon made delegation aware about unavailability and violation of human rights in detail and emphasized to have combine endeavor regarding basic rights and amenities.

On that occasion Advocate Sajid Ali Mangi expressed his views in the ceremony and said that those who are having social awareness and fully conscious about legal affairs will have to work together in order to get security, justice and fundamental rights of society and its people.

He further addressed that district Malir consists on approximately 21 lacs population and it is biggest district of Karachi according to area where efforts of journalists of Malir are admirable and appreciated.

More over he said that Malir Advocates will work along journalists of Malir regarding fundamental rights and facilities of public and will clear their strategy accordingly.
On that occasion Advocate Sajad Ali, Mir Ayoobi, Muhammad Umar and others also addressed

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