War of 1965: A triumph


Abdul Qadir Morio
What a peaceful night in Lahore! Lahore’s People slumbered with the confidence that they would be awakened at dawn. Abruptly, they heard the horrifying blasts. The silence and serenity of the night were altered into awful uproars. “We are at war”, announced President Ayoub. Responding to the call of President Ayoub, hundred and thousands of patriotic souls of the nation spread out to confront the coward enemies who questioned the enthusiasm, integrity and pride of the noble state. 1965’s war is something that should never be forgotten because there is a big lesson to learn.India ambushed across the international border on 6th September 1965 at a full scale and the nasty clash broke out. Kashmir was an apple of discord between two states. The brave champions safeguarded their beloved motherland with tremendous courage. Patriotic people with unexhausted strengths reflected their characters in history. Who can forget the fearless pilot officer? Indeed, Rashid Minhas preferred death for the respect and honour of the country. Who can snub Maqbool Hussain? He was compelled to say ‘Pakistan Murda-abad’, but he denied to say that time and again. Barbarous people took out his nails and chopped his tongue. Daring people endured the wounds and defeated every coming enemy on the ground. People fought shoulder to shoulder. The illustrated audacity by bold warriors is notable in human history. Who can forget the man of Lahore front? It was Major Raja Abdul Aziz who fought for six days and nights on the Lahore front. He laid down his life in the defence of his country on 11th September 1965. He was awarded a Nishan-e-Haider. He said, “Do not recall me. I will shed the last drop of my blood in the defence of my dear homeland.” Passionate warriors of 1965 surprised history through their sacrifices. They substantiated that when it comes to the honour of the country, so nobody stays silent, but everyone stands together, shoulder by shoulder, to cut the necks of the foes. A lot of people forfeited their lives. Pakistanis were spirited at that critical time. They were excited about offering sacrifices for the defence of Pakistan. They were not scared of death. They had a belief that Shaheeds never die. Nationality was circulating in their blood. Precisely, the soil of Pakistan is proud of the gallant sacrifices of 1965. Today, our soldiers are keen to serve their country anytime and anywhere. They are prepared to serve enemies a fantastic tea. We, —bold Pakistanis would never think for a while to shed our blood and lay down our lives for protecting our borders. The current time is again hard. It asks for strong integration of national unity. It is high time because our coward eastern neighbour is daring to defy us. However, let’s respond with collective wisdom and efforts that the Pakistani nation is always ready to answer to any misadventure. It’s a time to recall that the war was fought for the cause of Kashmir. Striving for Kashmir’s freedom would remain our great cause and achieving the motive is a pleasure triumph to the Pakistani nation. Let’s be the rock for this meaningful goal. 1965 is that odd year which really proved to be odd to our Eastern mouses.