Demand is clear to punish MNA Jamil Khan for blackmailing: Munazzah Seham


Okara:(Parliament Times): According to Global Times media report, Munazzah Seham Mirza, The Author of the famous publishing house “Dosheza Digest”, has been in exile for the last ten years.The woman’s ex-husband Jamil Ahmed Khan, Who was elected MNA from Karachi in 2019 on a PTI ticket ,After confusing the woman and her staff in false cases, He is now trying to influence the Pakistani courts as well. By keeping Munazzah Seham ignorant of court matters, Now He is using all government influence to seize her property and business under the guise of an order from the Islamabad High Court. He had earlier tried to seize the female journalist’s property and business in 2012,When he along with some people with criminal background attacked the publishing house of Dosheza Digest on Shaheed Millat Road.In an interview with International Global Times Media Europe, Female journalist Munazzah Seham said that there is a strong demand from Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chief Justice of Pakistan and Army Chief of Pakistan to severely punish MNA Jamil Ahmad Khan for harassment and lying in the courts. The harshest punishment should be given so that the image of Pakistan is improved in the world by such decisions and the message goes to every woman that even the powerful can be caught by the law.