Taliban Government and expectations

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Sadia Rasheed
After the end of coldwar, Afghanistan was under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden, who was the leader of Al-Qaeda. On September 11, 2001,the World Trade Centre incident occurred. America blamed militants for the attack. 9/11 attack is the main reason behind America and Afghan conflict. So, war of terror started. In reaction of 9/11 attack NATO forces with the willingness of America attacked Afghanistan and it resulted with end of Taliban government. This attack destroyed Afghanistan and many of senior leadership were killed. NATO forces occupied Afghanistan and made puppet government of anti-Talibangroups. Although many leaders of Taliban had been killed but they did not stop their struggle to get freedom from NATO forces.Since then many efforts were done to maintain peace in Afghanistan but all in vain. Afghans migrated towards Pakistan. Pakistan gave shelters to these immigrants with protected rights. With the struggle of Pakistan and many other peace loving countries; after all a peace agreement was signed between NATO forces and Taliban. According to this agreement all Allied forces will leave Afghanistan till August31, 2021. On August 15, 2021 Taliban took control over Afghanistan by capturing all areas and meanwhile on August 16, took control overKabul. American flags was lowered and removed from the US Embassy by the morning of August 16. It resulted the end of Ashraf Ghani’s government. Ashraf Ghani; former Afghan President and his companions left the country. After which Taliban declared that the War of Terror has ended peacefully without any use of power.If we focus on the current scenario Taliban has achieved success in the formation of interim government. Taliban political office spokesman Mohammad Naeem said the insurgents would soon reveal the country’s new government. He claimed the Taliban did not want to live in isolation and wanted to have peaceful international relations. The Taliban also claimed they would respect women’ rights and protect foreigners and Afghans. The United States, Britain, France, Japan, and more than 55 other Western countries issued a joint statement calling for all Afghans and international citizens in Afghanistan who wanted to leave to be allowed to depart. Taliban want to achieve peaceful diplomatic relations with other countries and have strong wish to maintain durable peaceful situation in the region. The main evidence is that Afghan’s women youth soccer team flees to Pakistan. The steps taken by Taliban government for international relations are encouraging. Hope so they will pay attention on the education system. They allowed women to participate in all the fields and to gain education according to the laws of Islam. Meanwhile, they are protecting the rights of Afghans and other foreigners residing there. After two decades and more, Taliban again took control on their land, so they should protect them from the evil ayes of enemies andhave strong bond with regional countries. It is better for their peaceful future that there will be no use of force or other means of power so that terrorism should be controlled. Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan should move back to Afghanistan so that there will be less burden on Pakistan government to handle the state’s affairs.

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