Three Years of havoc


Naseebullah Khan
Three years of the PTI-led government have passed. Whether the state has fallen more or has carried off in the right direction, that it is imperative to have a look at the PTI,s manifesto and some of its key aspects such as economy, governance, politics, foreign policy, and social indicators. Economy, the jugular vein, and the lifeline of the country__ has been fragile during the three years of the incumbent government. The figures show that how the bad policies of the government have led to the downfall of the economy which was once flourishing. Since 2018, when this government assumed power, Pakistani currency has devalued 35 percent to the US dollar. This devolution has increased inflation with a rocket speed while the export sector has not improved what the government planned by the devaluation of the Rupiah. Moreover, the GDP which was 4.9 in 2018 has declined to 3.9. The physical deficit is 7.1, one of the highest in the country’s history. Another reason for this devaluation is the trade deficit which has been increasing__which was 4 billion US dollars in August. Drastically, the incumbent government has taken the highest debt in history,15 billion US dollars from foreign banks and 5 billion from national banks. These debt liabilities are playing havoc with the economy. Despite this, the tax to GDP which was 13 percent in 2018 has shrunk to 11 percent.The social indicator in the country has been the worst compared to the previous years. In 2018, the poverty in the country was 31 percent while it is 40 percent at present. The situation of Corruption is not plausible as it has increased where the country’s rank which was 117 in 2018__ is currently 124. Bad governance. The PTI manifesto insists on good governance and reforms which are struggling at present. During the past three years, 7 FBR chairmen, 3 Finance ministers, 4 Board of investment chairmen, 3 Finance secretaries, 3 commerce secretaries, 3 SECP chairmen, and 4 secretaries of higher education have been changed. This inconsistency has led to a huge governance crisis in the country. On the other side, another example of bad governance is the circular debt which has been accelerating rocketly__that is now RS 2.80 trillion as compared to RS 1.48 trillion in 2018. Apart from this, the government has purchased the most expensive LNG in history over 15$ per million BTU___which signifies a huge governance crisis in the country.When it comes to the PTI manifesto and gimmick slogans, the scenario is gloomy. The mantra of corruption has been exposed after the ranking of transparency international and the silence of Mr. Imran Khan over the mega corruption scandals of his friends and party members in the wheat and sugar crisis report and after the fleeing of Zulfi Bukhari from the country. The manifesto further said the government will create 10 million jobs and construct 5 million small houses. These both eye-washed slogans have bulldozed. Whereas, the media has been strangled whose freedom was guaranteed in the PTI manifesto. Political stubbornness is at its peak as the instability in politics have risen to violence and hate speech among the political workers. Abusive culture in politics has been increasing since the PTI has assumed the government. The Prime minister due to his stubbornness has violated the political norms by not sitting with the government for the smooth running of institutional affairs. On the Foreign policy front, the success is equal to none, where the sword of Damocles of the FATF is still hanging over our heads. In addition to that, by trying to convince, be happy, and make new friends, the government has unfriended old friends__which is a huge setback to the foreign policy that has affected the economic sector too. Though the programs like Panagah and Ehsas program are plausible and will help in more social protection. But long miles to go yet. The past three years of the PTI government have played havoc with many sectors of the country. The PTI has almost failed in the implementation of its manifesto. Whereas, the country is in serious grips of economic fragility, political instability, foreign policy wimpiness, and pathetic social indicators. Less than two years are left for the incumbent government of Mr. Imran Khan. Will he be able to accomplish his manifesto and put the country on right track? The answer is panic, somber, and murky.