Poverty in Balochistan


Mehwash Aman
Poverty is a curse. It creates various troubles for the people who do not have food for twice. The poverty has brought numerous challenges that cannot be handled by a man. As a result Balochistan is one the great richest province of Pakistan by its land and with its lowest populatio but when one give a glance towards it really this province is suffering from miseries. Also, Balochistan is the province which is full of natural resources that can be considered the God gifted province in the including in the world. Unfortunately, the poverty has been a serious challenge for for this province last years. A recent report of UNO declared that Balochistan is considered the poorest and neglected province in the world. Balochistan is the soul of Pakistan and last breath of the country because it is God gifted by its natural resources like gas, oil, gold, cooper and so on. A report of Development Policy Institute (PDPI) calls Balochistan as the poorest of all provinces with 52 percent population living below poverty line. Poverty is the biggest problem because of voilence and illiteracy in the province. There are many important reasons which have resulted increasing poverty in province and one of them is unemployment and corruption. Unemployment is one of burning problems in Balochistan, we can see thousand of Baloch adults are jobless, even though they cannot get food for three times to feed their children well. Balochistan has the lowest populated province but unfortunately one-third of its population is employed. The rise in poverty and unemployment results a number of social evils, that include begging, robbing, suicide and growth of terrorism in the province. On the other hand, we can see a number of students passe their graduation every year, still they are jobless. Corruption is the father of unemployment. A recent case of CTSP shortlisted teachers, the test was conducted in 2019 and now it is last of 2020 but still they have not gotten their orders from department. There are hundreds of schools which are closed just because lack of teachers. Education system of Balochistan is upgrade challenges which include shortage of teachers, and teachers absenteeism, basic facilities. According to a report 1.8 million children are out of schools in Balochistan and more than 60 percent left their education when they reach from primary to middle level as well as 45 percent quit before completion of matriculation. The government of Balochistan has failed to provide primary education to its children. On order to reduce poverty, it is the responsibility of concerned authorities to create job opportunities for people who have done their graduations and still they are jobless. The people should get relief in the shape of programme.