Corporate Crimes Result in Physical Harm


Hafeez Rehman Jatoi
There are main two categories of the corporate crimes, which include economic corporate crime and industrial disaster, the later one is more heinous than others. Street crimes are between individuals, however, corporate crime impacts all over world. Due to smoke, million of tons of asbestosdumped in the water, plastics and garbage drained in the water.The destruction can take place at any stage: production, processing storage, and disposal etc. Further,a random slip of operations in handling the chemicals or the radioactive material or any other form of energy can lead to a great damage to the surrounding atmosphere. When Factory fire incident occurred 16 factory workers were killed.That is not the first such an incident in Karachi. Else, in September 2012, 260 workers were burnt alive when a multi-storey garment factory was set on fire.Many accidentshappened whichcaused damage to human life and leave impacts on their families too. Imagine! A factory worker who labors only for one thousand fortwelve hours to feed his family, dies while laboring and leaves destitute family behind, that family dies every day for living. Blazes and accidents are common in Karachi. The negligence of occupational standard and safety standard by Corporate Mafia hasmade lives dull. There is no doubt that Corporate Mafia economically looted and manipulated the population, even though, they are doing business of our lives; as many fatalities and injuries occur every year when the standard safety and occupational standards are ignored by the corporations. In addition to this, human rights are violated.For instance, gross misconduct is done with the labourers and employees in shape of forced labour. Then, inhuman working conditions of child labor, denial of proper sanitation, no medical, pension facilities etc. Intrinsically, Corporate Mafia has not only been ignoring safety standards but also committing different kinds of crimes, such as defective products, products of low quality like water, things for children and sometimes over used chemical in clothes which cause many fatal diseases like skin diseases, cancers and sugars. This all happens because of lack of awareness. If a businessman sales low quality of things, liquids, poisonous, expired substance, or second copy of such material that is harmful for human. Generally, the question arises that who commits corporate crime, who is liable for corporate crimes or who may be used? The answer is, the Corporate Mafia, habitual culprits symbolically, the owners of the company, and the directors of the company may be held liable for corporate crime. On the other hand, law enforcement institutions are also included, who do not enforce law or take compensation privately. The agencies are not taking action against the culprits or impose fewer fines. Small amount for fine make them habitual offender because they voluntary pay the less fine. A corporation can be held liable for the criminal acts of its employees as long as the employees are acting within the scope of employment and their conduct benefits the corporation. A corporation cannot be imprisoned or punished like individuals. However, there are ways to punish a corporation, such as Heavy fines. The responsible corporate officer (RCO) doctrine holds that a corporate officer is indirectly liable for a subordinate’s criminal conduct when the officer is in a position of responsibility. The officer can be prosecuted if he has the authority and the ability to stop the offense and yet fails to act. The responsibilities of the government are to enforce law and penalize the habitual culprits/ Corporate Mafia otherwise such accidents take place very often. There should be training for labourers before employing them in the industry. Moreover, protective dresses should be provided to them, and there must be pensions for labourers. And in case of accidents, victim’s family should be given liquidated amount.