Feminism and Baloch culture


Yaseen Baloch
The word Feminism has been derived from a latin line word “femina” which means woman was first time used by pioneer mina in 1872, Feminism term can be used to describea political, social, culture or economic aimed to seek equal rights and legal protect from Government and society for women, however feminism is good act which advocates gender equality and work for women rights and interests, though word Feminism and feminist wad not well known to everyone before 1970 even many people worked, filmed and write about it too. History Simone de Beauvoir says that in history Christine de Pizan was first woman who wrote Epistle to the God of love for defense of her sex in 15th century, after her many people worked, in 16th century Modesta di pozzo di Forzi and marie le Jar de Gournay wrote during 17th.As we know very well that feminists have divided the movement’s history into there waves the first one is about women’s saffrage movement of 19th century and early 20th, which main aim women’s rights to vote. The second one is to give right of women’s liberation which began in 1960 which aim was to get legal and social rights of women and the third one is continuation and a reaction kf second wave failure began in 1990s.In 2012 fourth wave came which aim is to empower women of the world and use of internet tools. Feminism and Baloch culture Whenever world feminism is heard most of the people think of anti-Islam or it is misleading our woman towards bad things unfortunately most of the people haven’t studied about this topic and don’t know what exactly feminism movement is all about even our Islam worked for it, even it allows women to have equal and legal right of education, marriage, divorce, social and economically.In 2019 Aurat march was one of the most discussed topic of pakistan where different field of different women came out and arose their voices against this patriarchy system which destroyed so many women live which control, limit and constraint women for doing many things in this march you could see different professionals persons, from home based-worker to a teacher, from transgender to queer unfortunately you couldn’t find any baloch there as so many injustice and right violation being done in our society on daily basis with women apart from all women of our society don’t have choices of anything they are life brith to spinster control by parents and after wed off by husbands As asking for justice, right in our society is very shameful act even from your parents or husband, many women are being tortured by their husbands on daily basis, even or being killed in the name of honour, besides these all parents don’t care about girls education as they think she will wed off in many cases they are under 18 even 16, even some family don’t give right of her father property to them and say you have married so you don’t have right from us now you are your husband responsibility. We have to come in front line to support our society women and give their legal rights to them I am very glad to know some of the baloch girls and women are working on it and I hope they would succeed I believe as man we should support this movement too.