Dubai Expo 2021: MTBC to participate and show off IT in Pak and AJK



Islamabad,  (Parliament Times) : MTBC will participate in Dubai Expo2021 with the collaboration of AJK government to show scope of Information Technology in Pakistan and Kashmir.

192 countries of the world will join this International event in Dubai, rough estimate is around 300 Million people will visit this EXPO from across the globe.

MTBC ‘s meet up with Dubai Expo’s officials in Jammu and Kashmir house Islamabad. The AJK Government officials were also present at the occasion.

Talking to the media after the successful meeting with Dubai Expo Officials, the Director Public Relations MRTB Zarteef Badshsh expressed the hope due the participation of MTBC more multi national companies will start there operations in Pakistan & Kashmir and this will boost our economy and will help us in poverty reduction.