Ousted of Ghani and future of Kabul

Barkat Ullah
After almost 20 years of war, the US and NATO forces fled away and Taliban have gained the control of Kabul in a peaceful manner, after violent battles on other several cities. Taliban, currently engaged in talks with other actors and are all set to make a theocratic government. The exiled former president of Afghanistan had very weak grounds during his tenure, made several mistakes which shaped situation very vulnerable. For example, he always inclined himself with India and pursued anti Pakistan agenda. Pakistan has a historic role in Afghanistan for last 40 years and shares a long border with it. Ghani and his unpopular advisers always denied this fact by accusing Pakistan for its internal failures. Moreover, he furthered NDS-RAW nexus which not only annoyed Pakistan but also created unrest in other political entities inside Afghanistan. Such approach of his administration created serious differences within his government. Similarly, Ashraf Ghani was not son of the soil like other leaders. For instance, politicians like Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah have strong afghani background and have powerful roots in the people. Unlike, Ghani has no political or social background but was a highly educated American installed president. He had no control on its troops and administration and that’s why did random changes in his cabinet and military, because of lack of influence. More importantly, the peace deal occurred between Taliban and the US, The United States of America did not reveal a single point over former Kabul administration. As government in Afghanistan, and its troops were launched and always supported by the US, after the peace agreement, the US continued to influence the Afghan national army through its own way and Ghani was helpless. Thus, in majority of areas, Taliban captured the provinces in a very peaceful way and no resistance occurred from ANA. Nonetheless, Taliban has taken the control of Kabul after a long war. But the difficult task for the Taliban’s regime has just begun. Afghanistan has changed to a greater extent and it is not like the old Afghanistan of 90s. The country has now millions of students at school, college and university level. Moreover, there are hundreds of thousand employs that are working in government sectors. It will be the responsibility of the Taliban to bring a comprehensive plan for the future of these people. Without foreign aid, economic investment and trade it would be not possible for the newly born regime to feed all these people. Up to now Taliban has conducted diplomacy dramatically well as they were engaged in talks with China, the US, Russia and several other countries. On military side, there strategy was exceptional as they stood tall in the lengthy war. But after coming in government, it will be a serious test case for the Taliban to engage the international community and get maximum economic output for Afghanistan. Currently, the Taliban is the de facto authority as it has captured almost every province and there is no such actor within Afghanistan to challenge its rule. Now it is up to them to make sure their de jure recognition by making an inclusive government. The religious group must adopt such policies that lack contradiction with the already existing international norms. The international community always stresses on its already framed so called model of human rights especially that of women rights. The Taliban must make such amendments in their way of government, so that, to make international community to recognize them a legal representative of Afghanistan. The de jure recognition, which is extremely important for economic, social and political survival of Taliban regime.

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