Institutions to cooperate with Govt in order to generate positive results: PANAH

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ISLAMABAD,  (Parliament Times)  :  Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) and Women Development and Welfare Center (Sewing Center) Rawalpindi jointly organized a grand celebration on the 73rd Independence Day of the beloved homeland. Whose special guest was Divisional Director, Department of Social Welfare, Rana Shahid,Iram Mumtaz, Chairperson, Women Development and Welfare Center, and General Secretary, Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) Sana Ullah Ghumman,Assistant Director Yumna Mir and others was present and the ceremony was decorated with Pakistani flags, banners and banners.
Guest of Honor, Divisional Director, Social Welfare Department, Rana Shahid said that for the prosperity of Pakistan, everyone has to be mobilized, everyone has to contribute for the development of Pakistan, Pakistan came into being after immense sacrifices.We should all appreciate this gentleness,Nations that do not remember the sacrifices of their forefathers will never succeed.We should also make our young generation aware of these sacrifices. For this, not only Independence Day should be fixed, but occasional events should be held to remind us their sacrifices. Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) General Secretary and Director Operations Sana Ullah Ghumman said that Pakistan is our home.Protecting it is the purpose of our lives.For its development, all the institutions have to perform their duty with honesty and selfless spirit. Pakistan has been achieved by making millions of sacrifices. There are obstacles in the way of development of the country,they need to be removed. He said that the prosperity of the country depends on the young generation. The Pakistan National Heart Association (PNA) has been doing its part for the last 37 years, with the aim of educating healthy citizens for the development of the country.
Iram Mumtaz, chairperson of the Women’s Development and Welfare Center, said that Pakistan was achieved on the basis of ideology.Ideologies are the cause of the existence of nations, Pakistan is our heartbeat,In order for it to survive, it must always be prepared to face every negative force to the end.The safety of Pakistan is the duty of every citizen, not just institutions.
Assistant Director Yumna Mir said There is an urgent need to make our children and youth a patriot of Pakistan, So that every tactic of the negative forces can be answered,we should Pray for the survival and safety of Pakistan.The national anthem was sung at the end of the ceremony.

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