Business of Education


Siraj Ahmad
There is no doubt that education nowadays has been completely converted into business, its motive has been also changed, its very difficult to find out the professional and passionate teacher nowadays. We have lost too many things in modern period of world as the time is passing the needs of peoples and thirst of wealth is increasing day after day. Nowadays we find the business man teachers instead of a good teacher who built a student with great spirit to the holy land. Government school’s teacher give importance to the private institutions and exert their energy in private institution without any single care and hesitation of fear for the future of government’s student. These business is trending not the student to serve or work for the pride of nation, but they are giving many fantasy dreams to increase their desires and secure their own life. Such social diseases we see all around the world and also in surrounding our society. If you just walk around your streets or in neighborhood, you will find many private institution which have the vision of earning wealth and this vision has been become the dream of students. As every student has dream about their career but there are very less people or even not who come with the vision of serving to the society. As these private and commercialized institutions are not increasing the literacy rate but making the Barbers for future, who have dream to get succession when they will be on Luxury vehicles and few guards, having these desire is not bad but to feel pride about this mess is very brutal. These diseases we see all around the society and this humiliation will crash the hopes of many person. Education should never be the business because this is education who shower the light of consciousness in mind, we need to understand this humiliation and should avoid such misfortunes.