Bilawal reprimands PM Khan’s dumbness over Ch. Yasin’s case



Islamabad / Karachi / Kotli (Press Release):   while condemning PPP leader Chaudhry Yasin and his family’s subject to political revenge and being targeted for political revenge in Azad Kashmir has said that the assassination attempt took on Chaudhry Yasin and instead of registering a case against the attackers, the police registered an FIR against him while his nominee from Kotli, Chaudhry Yasin, tried to register an FIR against him for the assassination attempt, but the police did not register. In a statement issued from Media Cell Bilawal House, Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that if the political revenge against my workers did not stop, he would lead the protest in Azad Kashmir himself. He said that Imran Khan did not digest the victory of PPP in Kashmir and by interfering unconstitutionally in Kashmir affairs, he started taking political revenge from ‘Jiyali’

candidate. He also said that Imran Khan had directly convicted the PPP candidate in the tragic incident of killing of two persons in Charhoi Tehsil. On this occasion, Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari raised a question and said that is it the state of Madina that if you make a speech against Imran Khan, NAB sends notices, if you win a seat, you are made guilty of murder. He also said that the demand for justice was to wait for the outcome of the judicial inquiry at the request of Chaudhry Yasin in the tragic incident of killing of two persons. He also expressed concern that the effects of the political unrest caused by Imran Khan’s political revenge against Chaudhry Yasin in the Pakistani community in the UK would be far-reaching.