Stop child laboring!


Durdana Naseer

Child labour is a global rising crime which puts down the minor children into risk of death. Early ages children can be seen working at small hotels, tea stalls , roadside restaurants , workshops and industries. There is no need to say that poverty is the core reason of this curse.In fact, in Pakistan, where almost half of the population live under the poverty Line, child labour is deeply entrenched and pressing phenomenon. Furthermore, there are about more than 12.5 millions minor children are victims of child laboring under 10-14 ages in Pakistan. Ultimately, the poor parents of these children are compelled to push their children into practical life at early ages due to financial problems. As a result , these children are deprived of the joy of childhood and can’t go to school to receive education and get their destinations. In addition, their foundation rights are being snatched by child labour which can influence their upcoming days. Per day child labor ends thousands of smiles.However, working for long hours affect their mental and physical development that can be a reason falling victim to various diseases. Even when, child labor is very common some development countries including, United states and British. In the final analysis, I deeply request to Government to take some serious steps in order to support such children who are engaged as labors, because children are our future and it is your duty to rescue coming generation so as to raise up a well nation.