The ideal students


Noorin Imam
Ideal students are those who believe in simple living and high thinking.They hate cheap and showy things but loves cleanliness and beauty, they are kind and generous.They do not discourage or injure others by word or deed.They respect others even if they do not agree with their beliefs and opinions. In short, the ideal students seek knowledge passionately, respect their teachers sincerely, loves their fellows and takes pleasure in healthful activities. Further, this aim can be achieved only if the students put their heart and soul in their work.A student is someone who devotes himself to the pursuit of knowledge and learning.It is therefore, the first and foremost duty of an ideal student to seek knowledge.The pursuit of knowledge demands hard work and full devotion unfortunately, some students are content to learn a few things that will get them tough examination. For ideal students knowledge is not the name of a few formula or information, for them it is wisdom. And the ideal students respect and honour their teachers who open the door of a new world to them.They are humble and obedient. The more they learn from their teachers, the more grateful they are to them.An ideal student is not a frog in a small well, but a person with a vision. Finally I request all the students to remain ideals by adopting all the good qualities.