Intense threat of cyber


Yar Muhammad Ujjan
A meeting was organised by the Institute of regional studies in Islamabad,in which officials strongly stressed the need for effective cyber security control in their hands.The panelists warned that ungoverned rapid digitisation in the country seems to be a threat for the government and private institutions such as,education, finance,cyber security,national database,banking,nuclear defense system in a whole the entire body of the country will be in threat.Now the whole scenario of war has changed with the course of time,that time has gone when wars took place with:stones, swords,guns, however the war has different forms such as economic explosion, biological war and cyber.As Pakistan has been attacked by all the above three mentioned. Hence, Pakistan should make their strategies better not to degrade other nations but to preserve their rights. Pakistan should divert their defense preservation by military to towards the IT, we proudly say that Pakistan has the potential power to compete with any nation by weapons or nuclear power but what if the trend of weapon war moulded into IT,cyber attack war,then unfortunately Pakistan will severely suffer than most of those nations that are currently suffering as they Palestine,Iran.As India and Pakistan both possess nuclear weapons rightly to say that both are equal but currently the 5th war generation has started across the world,and India has actively participated in this trend by keenly looking forward towards IT,cyber,software and also India title its most budget to IT and software. Hence Pakistan, in contrast to it, largely put the whole budget in nuclear weapons,instead of IT. As we do not manufacture the IT equipment ,that’s why there is a need to import the hardware or IT equipments.It seems that Pakistan is an open book for everyone to come and extract the information. As Sehrish Mujtaba, a leading cyber security professional examined the emerging threats, said that “Economic disruption in digital currency is going to be a threat in the future.” ? In my view, cyber security related subjects must be taught to all classes. ? Software or IT Toppers must be trained by Experts. ? The equipment or basic things must be produced by Pakistan industries with cheap costs. ? If we aren’t seriously concerned about this intensive threat, resultantly it will rampage the infrastructure of Pakistan. ? Diploma courses in cyber should be introduced. At the end,Imran sardar from IRS said,that the situation is alarming since the hostile country of Pakistan has been manufacturing IT equipment and producing magnificent software engineers. So he concluded that Pakistan has enormous potential to cope up with this threat by efficiently linking those Pakistanis who are working abroad or within the country in one platform and providing them with what is required to guard against the threats.