Impacts Of Social Media Over Social Relationships


Shabir Ahmed Bezanjo
Social media is a newly organised way of fast communications and is easy access over anything located in mass distances. Social media has launched several ways to help people such as, by the help of some platforms the modern era has gained access to fast communications, online registrations, online shopping, online schooling, online marketing and so on. However, the world had got a great change since the emergence of Social Media. Because some platforms like the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and WhatsApp are worth enough to help people have anything they desire. Although in this epidemic situation of Covid-19, all educational departments remained closed through social media, online schooling has been launched and students worldwide are having their classes over there. Additionally, the holds of Social media upon people are the causes of theirs being away from their offline relationships or the overuse of Social media has created several impacts on the user’s interpersonal relationships.Due to the overuse of Social Media people are often being engrossed in online activities, not knowing the fact that while making online relationships the offlines are being ruined out. In recent periods, people connected with Social Media have no care of family members sitting next to them. Moreover, preferring online activities more can risk one’s physical capabilities of doing something as students now prefer writing on devices more than writing on notebooks, as a result, the future of handwriting is about to get end. In further views, Social Media is the only cause of love-marriage and early divorce. Because in Social platforms people are given an open environment where they can talk with girls and boys and make temporary relationships which remain no longer. Often girls/boys betray their family members, culture and they run for court marriage which then leads them to early divorce. Because such relationships are often arranged based on sexual needs, not on the of base intimacy.According to Science, the users of Social Media are the victims of Depression and Loneliness. Because in Social platforms everyone expresses their own opinions over something and the rest may become disagree with the shared opinions. When people see some posts opposite of their perception prefer to inbox a comment with full anger while not focusing that how their comment goes over to the next individual and what would be the reaction of the front person who receives the comment. As a result, an emotional fight begins between those two individuals and leads them to depression and Loneliness. Furthermore, the users of Social Media get depressed by comparing themselves with the pictures of perfect lives shared on social platforms. According to research on experienced Social Media users, said that image-based platforms offer a happier life as one can talk face-to-face and can get pleasure while text-based platforms don’t offer a happier life because in text-based platforms one can’t guess or see the other person’s expressions and his/her presence which is a sign of loneliness.Nowadays, people can’t do something well unless they don’t visit Social Media. People consider Social Media a platform for making themselves popular or to have themselves highlighted to the public. Instantly, when wealthy people decide to help poor peoples they capture every event and then share all those pictures on Social Media which then becomes a sign of remorse for people who were helped. Because poor people consider their respect more than poverty, to them poverty is a temporary dispute as they believe if it comes so it will definitely go with time but respect that comes for once if it goes then goes for forever. And, the use of Social Media in the case of helping needy peoples is a sign of heartbreak for poor peoples.Meanwhile, the high use of Social Media creates several health problems. As, today, children are given smartphones and allowed to get access to Social Media in early 10 years, they use different kinds of social apps which can only harm them such as, the one PUBG; children in countless number use this app for an average of 6 to 7 hours every day. However, Science says, children in their early ages will probably lose eye veins because they are very weak in the early 10 or 11 years and in result children become patients of low-eye-sights. In further details, Social Media is the only reason for students’ being absent in terms of completing the daily chores of their academic life. As students spend much of their time on technical devices which then creates a major loss in their academic life.By the way, Social Media is a non-living thing that requires good users to give positive results. The purpose for what Social Media is formed is to help the world to have an easier life than one before. But unfortunately, this platform is being used in a negative direction and the public is getting negative results which are known under the Impacts of Social Media. However, the public should use it in a good way so that they may get good results from this platform and I recommend to every father to please avoid of providing mobiles to their children in their early ages. Finally, this platform ought to be used for a limited time so that it may not extract any impact on your social relationships.