Humanity exist

Saira Muhammad Rafiq
Eid comes with a lot of happiness each of soul entered in the world of happiness. Yet she was in this first Saturday of July. here a girl comes nimra sitting on the bed watching from the window where children with their parents doing shopping in street number 3 for eid from back side her mother enters in the room and asks ” what are you doing my sweetie.” Nimra turn and find her mother standing in front of the door nimra replied. ” Amma look at them,they all are doing shopping for eid when we are gonna to do our shopping for eid .” Her mother close the window and make her daughter sit on the bed and said. “My dear , you have grown and we can’t afford. Allah loves the most who are simple.” Nimra became disappointed and whole heartedlly prayed to Allah for granting her day on the ground the children were talking about their eid clothes with their new material which they have bought her friend asked nimra ” what about you? She left the conversation and ran to home .she cried in front of her parents and questioned them why she can’t be like others nimra cried and said ” I don’t want to be in inferiority complex in front of my friends”. Then she went to her room .her father went to a deep thought while feel embarrassed in front of his wife that he can’t do anything for his daughter like other father. He left the lunch from the corner of the house nimra’s best friend Sadia was listening and than she ran to her mother and told the whole story of nimra .she asked her will you help her and she brought her locket In front of her mother.her mother gave a warm smile and said. ” No need of your Locket we will help her but it will be a secret” On early morning Sadia went to her mother and wake her up . Sadia was in hurry and prepared her for going to market. First of all Sadia visited nimra and she was very upset. Sadia told her that if you will pray for something to Allah whole heartedlly then he will grant the wish.sadia Left nimra’s house and went to her mother. Sadia and her mother went to market bought a similar dress of Sadia along with shoes and cosmetics. Sadia pack them in a gift and put it in the corner of the night of eid Sadia put the gift in front of the nimra’s house door and knocked the door and hide herself behind The tree. Nimra opened the door and found the gift but she can’t see anyone standing because of the darkness.nimra saw her name on the gift and took it .she opened the gift she saw a beautiful dress along with shoes and cosmetics.nimra was too happy and thanking Allah for granting her wish .she showed her dress to her parents and express her joy.her parents deeply thanks the one who brought happiness on their doughter’s face .at the morning nimra got prepared and she looked the most beautiful joined the eid party in Sadia’s home . their friends found Sadia and nimra wearing same dress and praised them for their beauty.the both friend looked each other with a warmed smile.


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