Immediate Attention Over Road Accidents


Shabir Ahmed Bezanjo
Accidents due to careless drivers are burning the laps of desireful mothers. Although, the mothers of Balochistan are even afraid of sending their children to schools as the HighWay is identified killer. People in great number are being the victims of accidents on daily-schedule which requires immediate attention of authorities over to double the single highway or strict laws ought to be issued against the careless drivers. Mostly, the bus drivers; drive from Gwadar and Quetta to Karachi are entirly drunk and can’t get the vehicle in control when they meet with accidents. Consequently, the people are overwhelmed and snatched away from their family. However, at 1of June 2021, 13-year old Suleiman went for school in order to have books for class sixth but, what did he know that there was something else prioritised for him.Suleiman who was the right-eye of his parents but today he is no more at the place where his parents wanted him to be. Moreover, there have been numerous terrible accidents on the National Highway of Balochistan due to single road and being- carelessness of drivers who don’t even think of peoples’ lives except their arrival on time. However, the owners of Bus-Transportations’ have set a unpleasant rule for drivers to arrive on the very time issued from the Transports and this makes the drivers compel to drive fast, in result people are washing hands to life due to over-speeding on single Highway. In further views, the area; located between Winder city and Naka-Kahrari Cost Guard Check Post (CGCP) known as Adam Pir has lost more than 9 people while crossing the road at the same Bus-Stop and Mr. Suleiman is counted among these as well. Adam Pir is an enormous population between Winder and Naka-Kahrari where people in rest die due to accidents as the national Highway is near to the region but the Motorway Police and all authorities are absent to launch speed-breakers or to advice the drivers to drive in slow when a populated area is near. In regards of personal observations, the coach owners are mostly absent in terms of asking drivers to be careful, because most accidents are from coaches which obviously gives the sign of carelessness of owners and drivers. Because here in Adam Pir, two nations live: Baloch and Lasi while these two nations strongly respect their culture along with the people who come at their thresholds when such accidents occur and they forgive the Blood without any cash or further investigations just because the arrival of vehicle owners. But unfortunately, it’s been the usual habit of vehicle owners and drivers, in Instance when such accidents happen at the very time the drivers escape without touching the person who could be breathing the last sighs, what’s more: after fee days of funeral the vehicle-owners come at the home of the accidented person in this hope that the family members may forgive them, in this way the vehicle-owners are misusing this kindness and today this forgiveness of people without any investigations against drivers has been the sign of carelessness for vehicle-owners and from now on they consider this type of accidents very common. However, yet there is no strict law against road accidents which demands a high attention of all authorities and is a worst virus than the one we have now in shape of Covid-19. Motorway Police, the sign of road-service is absent to issue strict laws against the drivers or to analyse those areas which need some sort of speed-breaking signs like Adam Pir where a great population lives but has no Motorway signs to be highlighted for drivers. Finally, a humble request to all authority-concern to please launch speed-breaking signs at the Adam Pir stop and all vehicle drivers must be advised to maintain an average speed near populated areas.