Group study or self study?


Mohammed Nawaz
A group of people who meet consistently to discuss about things with one another is known as group study. Most of students are in fix, whether to go for group study or self study. In this regard, I prefer group study. Because first good point about group study is that we get more information, new idea and so on from our group members. Apart from this, we can get amusement through group study.Moreover, if we talk about the loopholes of self study. So, while doing self study one cannot get things easily. He might be confused on different things when studying alon. One the other hand, one can get different ideas from his group mates when doing group study. Others can help him in better possible way. Moreover, in self study one might forget things as one cannot share and revise things in a better; whereas, in group study, one can share and revise things and can be self-esteemed and get encouragement from the fellows.In short, what I and most of the people prefer is group study. It has many advantages as compared to self study. One must go for group study in case he or she wants to be confident enough to cope with others. The writer is a student at The Hub English Language Academy, Hub.