Ch. Latif presents PPP Manifesto for AJK


To be featured in the manifesto news,


1. In order to bring the ongoing movement in Occupied Kashmir to its logical conclusion, the decision will be taken by the will of the people of Kashmir.

2. Local body elections will be held immediately. No percentage quota has been fixed for the youth

3. Student union elections will be held

4. New industrial zones will be established.

5. Establishment of Kashmiri folk heritage


Muzaffarabad,   (Parliament Times) : Pakistan Peoples Party Azad Kashmir presented its election manifesto, mother tongue will be part of the syllabus. We shall hold local body elections and revive the student union. The empowered and prosperous state of Jammu and Kashmir will be our destination and the independence of Kashmir will be presented under our mission. Establishment of non-class society and commitment to the fight against terrorism Justice, education, health, employment and access to quality of life are key points. Yesterday, PPP President Chaudhry Latif Akbar presented the party manifesto at the Central Press House. City President PP Raja Basharat, Central Leader PP Chaudhry Jameel and others were also present on the occasion. Gilgit-Baltistan is an integral part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. According to UN resolutions, a solution to the Kashmir issue is inevitable. The sacrifices made for the independence movement will not be allowed to go unnoticed, the solution of Kashmir will be accepted which is in accordance with the will of the Kashmiri people. Forest and Wildlife Conservation, Food, Agriculture, Electronics, Hydropower, Tourism, Information and Broadcasting, Law, Justice and Human Rights, Sports and Youth Affairs, Youth Culture, Employment Guarantee, Women’s Affairs and Social Welfare, Environmental Technology, Police Reforms, Prisons, Endowments and Religious Affairs, Labor and Manpower, Industry and Commerce, Russell and Resource Rehabilitation, State Infrastructure and Schedule Bank of Bank of Jammu are included. Talking about the education sector, Latif Akbar said that PPP will allocate a large portion of the GDP of Azad Kashmir budget for the promotion of education and improvement of its quality. Establishment of separate education boards in all the three divisions of Azad Kashmir. The Bill of Rights will be passed by the Legislative Assembly to ensure the provision of uniform, quality and free education in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Technical education will be made a part of the curriculum from the eighth standard onwards so that unemployment will be reduced. The problem will be overcome, the implementation of a uniform curriculum based on modern lines will be ensured. He said that the education sector like other sectors needs immediate attention and modern facilities would be provided for the treatment of heart, kidney, cancer and liver diseases at the level of divisional headquarters along with the increase, special measures will be taken for training, development and recruitment of related staff. Emergency measures will be taken to provide necessary equipment and medicines to the hospitals and to meet the staff shortage. Special legislation will be enacted for the establishment of private hospitals in which licenses will be issued keeping in view the quality of the hospital and necessary medical facilities. Steps will also be taken for the prevention of epidemic diseases, he said. Individuals will be assisted by the Benazir Income Support Program, free facilities will be provided for medical tests for coronavirus or any other infectious disease, and a corona unit will be set up in each district and district headquarters. He said that a large amount of funds is given for public interest projects through the local government department, PPP will immediately hold local body elections, and a 20% quota will be allocated for effective representation of youth, maintaining transparency. All local government schemes will be made online. He said that an effective monitoring system of development projects would be implemented through elected local body representatives. One day a week special awareness about forests will be provided in educational institutions, tree planting campaigns will be made a special part for students, alternative sources of fuel will be provided to those in need to increase the forest area. A Captive Breeding Center will be set up at the district level for the protection of wildlife. Special measures will be taken to train the staff of the department and keep them abreast of the latest trends. Development projects of the Wildlife and Fisheries Department will be included in ADP. Food Department Flour will be provided to the people living below the poverty line at cheaper rates through ration cards at the nearest place of residence for the people of Azad Kashmir. In order to ensure the supply of flour, the Food Department will set up 22 new depots in the Free Zone. In order to save resources and avoid any emergency, the Food Department will do its own molding of commodities for which necessary steps will be taken. It is the backbone of the economy, a large part of our total workforce is engaged in agriculture, eradication of hunger and food security, job security and poverty reduction, economic growth and reconstruction, assistance to small farmers, agricultural laborers and the restructuring of agriculture on the basis of operatives in the backward areas will be an important part of the program. Tax exemption will be given to those who invest in tourism by giving it the status of an industry. Steps will be taken to launch air service to promote tourism. Our government has arranged various courses for the promotion of tourism. The Department of Broadcasting and Directorate of Electronic and Digital Media will be set up to bring the Information Department in line with modern requirements. Press club buildings will be constructed at district and tehsil level throughout Azad Kashmir. Legislation will be enacted to regulate electronic media, the Journalists Welfare and Practice Act will be passed, and traditional newspapers will be encouraged by ensuring fair distribution of advertisements.