Online Learning -A future Perspective


Sanaullah Kalwar
Since emergence of coronavirus in wuhan city of china in 2019, the virus spread very sharply throughout the world. Where it hits the economies of world, it also wreck havoc in education sector. Many developed nations of the world very steadily adopted the virtual mode for learning in school, college and universities. Due to many resources they didn’t feel a single hurdle in transferring their system from physical to virtual but in country like Pakistan it faces so many difficulties in going for online learning. Even today we are facing many problems in it. There are four different problems which need to be addressed at priority bases: 1-Internet Facility As we see many parts of the Pakistan are deprived of internet facility, which is the core and basic need of online learning. Since I was one of the student of an institution of Pakistan , and due to sudden wreak havoc of covid-19 in Pakistan, our institution went for online mode of exam. When we started online classes our majority of the students couldn’t join the sessions and the attendance of 45 students went to 25 or 30. The students from far flung areas of Balochistan, Northern areas ie gilgit and skardu remained absent due to non-availibility of internet. This is big loss to them due to connectivity issue. Therefore the internet should be made available to each and every corner of Pakistan so that be used for virtual learning. 2-Skill full staff the second most important need of online learning is skill full staff. An advisory with complete tutorial should be given to each and every institution for proper understanding of this totally different mode. Neither we have experience of this system nor we are used to it. I have personally experienced the lack of qualities in staff dealing with online process. Our institution’s many students had faced this issue due to non-availibility of proper skillfulled staff. Therefore government of Pakistan should form a committee of education ministers of all four provinces under the chairmanship of federal minister for education. The sole purpose of that committee be the reforms of staff for online learning in educational institutions of Pakistan for better and smooth deliverance to each and every student. 3- Discipline and Motivation With a sudden change because of the pandemic the prolonged process of technological change that was going on from the past decade has now taken a plunge but old habits die hard. We need to accept the change and develop the habits according to the need of the time. One needs to start practicing the art of being friendly with the technology. Teachers and parents together need to establish a better communication among them to look after the discipline of the students taking the help of the technology to keep a track of the activity. To maintain the never ending interest in the students one needs to find more and more alluring and interactive and ubiquitous ways to teach and learn. For and individual it is really important to be absolutely resolute in order to work with technology on the technology. Every individual needs to find his own way to be resolute in the best possible way that they can. One might take help from others or can also work in isolation which ever best works for them. 4- Piracy and copy In the world of digital aide where the vast majority of people are connected to the internet there is a lot of concern about the piracy and copy measures that need to be taken in order to rectify the situation. Conclusion After finding out all such above mentioned problems, we can say that vast majority of people are facing the internet issue, lack of skills, piracy and motivation. To resolve all these problems we need to use technology to create an awareness campaign among people. We all the students and educational institutions need to work together to resolve the issues that are slowing down in the development of academic life and find an absolute and robust plan which help us endeavor.