PM Khan’s meritorious entry in Bagh, PTI’s strong position can hit other parties badly: Observers


Bagh (Special Representative):  Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s historic and record breaking JALSA in Bagh, According to political observers, after the powerful show of the Prime Minister, the PTI came to a position of fierce competition in the seat of Gharbi Bagh.

According to details, when Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived at Bagh ‘Jalsagah’ on Saturday at the invitation of Azad Kashmir Deputy Chairman Election Committee Tanveer Ilyas, he was given a hearty welcome. As soon as the Prime Minister’s helicopter entered the boundaries of the Bagh, the city of Bagh resounded with the slogans of PTI. The people in the auditorium remained present till the last moment to listen to their leader despite the scorching heat. Due to the crowd of people, the space in the ground was reduced. Due to the closure of the gate of the ground, people stood on high buildings and mountains around the venue and listened to Imran Khan’s speech. For the first time, not only Bagh College Ground was filled by a political party. According to observers, the meeting of Prime Minister Imran Khan has changed the political atmosphere in Bagh. The position of PTI candidates in Central East West has been strengthened.