Will through problematic situation away from constituency 2: Kamran Gorsi



Hajira, (Special Representative):   Assembly candidate Kamran Bashir Gorsi has said that the support of the people in the caravan is proof that the people want to end the problems in Constituency-2. The manner in which the fans of the late Bashir Gorsi greeted the villagers is unforgettable. I am going through a thorny path of politics for the sake of public service, not for the sake of governments. For 70 years, the people have been pushed into problems. He expressed these views while addressing corner meetings in Serari, Pepe Nadar and other areas. He said that in the next one year, the people of Constituency 2 will feel a clear and real change in the constituency. Meanwhile, dozens of people to join Kamran Bashir Gorsi’s convoy after resigning from various parties in Serari, Pepe Nadar.