Woman in Balochistan


Hamid Raheem
In Balochistan women are not getting their actual rights. They are being treated as the servants to their parents and husbands to to do the house work, and to take care of them and their siblings. Furthermore, if we see the deprived situations of female as they are yet not empowered . Recently , in 2020 a policy step was taken by provincial government to solve up the issue but yet it is not seemed to be implemented. As well, Balochistan is the only province which is having the lowest literacy rate which is 33.5 percent according to a dawn article and also having the most child- birth death. So, It is our duty to give equal respect to women because, they are our companions and always with us in every difficulties . So, it is requested to implement the made policies for women empowerment and should also take more such action to bring up a sign of gender equality .