PM Khan to deliver address in Bagh today


Bagh (Bureau Report):     Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan will address a public meeting in Bagh today. Preparations for the meeting are in full swing. The suburbs, including Bagh city, are decorated with welcome banners and portraits of Sardar Tanveer Ilyas like a bride. PTI flags and banners are visible on all the roads in Bagh district. The election campaign of other parties has disappeared from the scene due to Imran Khan’s rally. The enthusiasm of PTI players in Bagh and PTI vehicles everywhere. The initiative has changed the landscape of Bagh. According to PTI workers, Imran Khan will deliver a historic address at today’s rally and Sardar Tanveer Ilyas will brief the Bagh district and the whole of Azad Kashmir on his future strategy, including his manifesto. According to the preparations in Bagh, political observers say that today’s rally is going to be the biggest rally in the history of Bagh in which tens of thousands of people are expected to attend. After the meeting in Bagh and Tanveer Ilyas’ constituency, the atmosphere in the central constituency has changed radically and the political analysts who were giving second place to PTI till yesterday are now giving first place to PTI.

The administration has also become fully alert regarding the security arrangements in the meeting and traffic plans have also been prepared. Now it remains to be seen whether the PML-N and PPP will be able to hold a meeting equal to this meeting after today’s meeting or defeat or victory can be determined from here.