Education in Ruin ; teacher headache


Muhammad Sikandar

Education is said to be panacea to all evils .It is a long process for academic life to distinguish between right and wrong. Either it may appear in malevolence or in most standardized manners, but Education system in Pakistan has gone beyond the expectations as the Failures not only in policies but also in system’s managements. However, Education could have changed the Pakistan by research work, but for the failures from many aspects as the differences between government schools and private schools sound for execution. Untrained teachers are recruited ,hence literacy rate is exceptional till now, but the Questions, I ask, Why the private institutions are the apple of public’s eye for their children only in Pakistan? Why the government school perceived valueless for a child’s progress. The reasons are clearer than teachers’ headache. Local private schools are no more resplendent reasons. Such schools plays with the future, rather they earn by heavy fees, then unaffordable fees make them out of school and work in shops for daily wages. Hence, Dropout ratio has ascended. In this century, students’ futures have adored the management in shape of doing job in minor ages. Private sector is more powerful than government school just for nothing than money. Additionally, policies of the government for recruitment was more lugubrious than that of ascended corporal punishment and infrastructure of a government schools, yet the performances are ignored. Furthermore, I was taught by teacher Sir Asad Mangi, ”Multiple intelligence”. There are four level of learners’ intelligences. Visual Intelligence, linguistics Intelligence ,Logical Intelligence, Bodily Aesthetic Intelligence. The topic reveals the intelligence of children. Most of them learn by chance, Mostly learn by teacher’s struggle. Level of students must be known to teacher for lesson plan’s strategies, Either ”USTAD” has to go for cooperative learning or for collaborative learning. However, mostly teachers are found to be stuck between devil and deep sea, then teacher holds off such points therefore, teacher’s strategies go in vain. Keeping in view such type of aspects, today’s classroom’s strategies are not as proactive as they should be in local schools particularly. To sum up, linguistic intelligence has to be delt by teacher more than others intelligences and to engage the children’s intention continuously with specific topic’s talk. And multiple intelligence will let your lectures be successful, but provided that your opinion must be stronger than that of description’s prediction What I experienced in my teaching period in 2018 was not too complex to improve the weak areas. However, the foremost Headaches I had were ,the timing management of lesson plans within three months for mid term exams, What should I teach on daily basis according to the lessons ? Furthermore strategies and methods had made anxious before I appeared in the classroom. Understanding level of pupils was not a kind of easy to get, but what some sort of Questions must be memorized on their understanding level and to make a task successful in over all process of teaching were not that much Herculean task for me, but I managed to get across what I had. It was good experience for me to be well prepared for a profession, but lethargic system is next to nothing as compared to other countries. Such ignorance in Education department from all scenario is really detrimental to up coming generation’s competition yet it is questionable. Education is a window through which you can see the light. Today’s students are in dire need of counselling particularly in government schools and colleges, as they found to be the most emotional and keen to learn the new things. Yet Pakistan stands at most vulnerable country of the world due to the extreme lack of counselling and guidance in educational institutions. Furthermore, unprofessional attitude of teachers is akin to aberrance, and innocent children are prone to mental disturbance. Too much leniency in behaviour is quite explicit to maintain the relation between teacher and a child. Noticeably, Students try to follow the personality of teacher and they try to adopt the behaviour as well. As the behaviourist emphasizer that children are learned by the strategized environment systematically. Although lesson plan is key role of teaching’s world, yet he/she is ignorant of it. If the teacher works veraciously, the result can come up amazingly. At last but not least, A teacher must be a reader, because stopped water emits smell after a while. To be a loquacious and knowledgeable one may easily steal the audience because Readers are the Leaders.