AJK’s people will reject looters and elect PPP: Sardar Saud



Hajira,   (Parliament Times) :  Sardar Saud Sadiq Khan Advocate Peoples Party nominated candidate Halq 19 pooch 2 has said that we will openly fight with our opponents for rights of the people. This he stated while addressing ralies and in corner meetings in Tarar khal, phawati, Arota.
Sardar Saud Sadiq questioned political rivals tell your performance in the constituency. He said Politics is a continuous process and PPP trains its workers. Whatever propaganda our political opponents do together, Bilawal Bhutto will be crowned by PP in AJK with honor. The people of Hajira Trar Khal will strengthen the hands of the PPP by rejecting five years of poor performance from their ballot papers. The people of Azad Kashmir are determined to strengthen the independence movement of Kashmir under the leadership of Bilawal Bhutto. We will pay full attention to construction, development and basic amenities to the people. He said We will redress the injustices of the past. The Kashmiri people will no longer allow orbital political and seasonal birds to loot.
Sardar Saudi said that the people of my constituency are still remembering the achievements and development of former Speaker Sardar Ghulam Sadiq. The PPP has full faith in the people and party workers, he added. Sardar Saud Sadiq said that inshallah the people of the constituency decided to get rid of non-political and unserious people. He said that the confrontation is between the protagonists of democracy and military dictatorship and the decision will ultimately be the people’s. Sardar Saud Sadiq said that people today are remembering the last five years of PPP. In which special attention was paid to education, health and media, due to which people from Muslim Conference, PML-N Kashan group are joining PPP in droves. Sakhi Khan, Baba Maghdo, Chaudhry Pervez, Chaudhry Arif, Chaudhry Noman, Chaudhry Razzaq, Chaudhry Umair, Chaudhry Saghir, Abdul Hameed, Chaudhry Muqeed, Chaudhry Sohail, Chaudhry Jamil Hafeez Chaudhry Jabbar and dozens of other families are among those who left PML-N from Arunta. Are Among those who joined Tarar Khal from Tirah were Mohammad Naseer Mohammad Akhtar, including his family members. Saud Sadiq announced that today independent candidates from Hajira will announce their resignation in favor of PPP.