Butter and ghee-two  major sources of Livelihood for women in villages of Sujawal

By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Sujawal: Women in the villages of district Sujawal are earning a livelihood to support their families by selling butter, purified butter/ghee, and yogurt. Consumption of unhealthy food leads to disease following which the people in rural as well as urban areas have again started to consume pure dairy products that will keep them fit and healthy.
Mahi Hajra, a woman who earns livelihood for her family by selling Ghee and butter, told this ascribe that making Ghee from pure milk and butter was always a hard job. It took a lot of effort and time to transform butter into clarified butter popularly known as Ghee. She said that “Initially I churn out butter from milk in bulk, then I heat it to transform it into Ghee. The ghee is then kept at room temperature for a few days to make it usable.
People in villages consider dairy products particularly, Milk and Butter as a gift of nature that plays a vital role in keeping them healthy and fit. Nazar Mohammad, a dweller of a village, said that; Over the years Dairy products had been our secret to a healthy life. “Even at the age of 65 I feel healthy and hearty, I am still able to work 8 to 10 hours In the village. What else can be the reason for my fitness other than milk and butter?; He asked effusively.
Mahi Hajra said that In the past selling butter and ghee was a profitable business for housewives in villages but as time went by people started consuming artificial Ghee and butter that not only faded this small business but also left an adverse impact on the health of the consumers adding that now once again when health hazards had increased people were returning to the use of pure things. Talking about the health benefits of clarified butter DR. Mashoque Khowaja said that there were enormous health benefits of consuming it but its use must not be excessive; he warned.


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