Instead slogans work practically for state’s welfare: Dua Zubair


HAJIRA,    (Parliament Times) : Legislative Assembly Constituency 2 Hajira Dua Zubair has said that the people should stamp on “hockey” on July 25 to defeat the traditional political culture and hereditary legacy. My struggle is not the struggle of any individual. I have raised my voice against this outdated political culture regardless of the consequences. She expressed these views while addressing a corner meeting at various places. She said that this tradition has to be eradicated and in which it is believed that politics is the right of only a few families. We have to prove that politics is for every servant. We have to understand that the basic problems of the people cannot be solved without merit in politics. Apart from the traditional slogans and hollow claims, how many candidates have come up with a clear plan to build and develop the constituency in exchange for votes? We have to get out of the crowd and become a nation, she added. The battle of the part is to be fought and those who think that all these things are true must have heard the voice of their conscience breaking the idol of fear on July 25.